“As you like it” is the driver behind the spring range at SOHO Coffee Co., with a wide selection of new products just launched, so customers can choose foods to fit their lifestyle, without compromising flavour. Starring reinvented classics including the SOHO Caesar Salad with added Kale and Quinoa, the new menu also launches breakfast smoothie bowls, and has an increased focus on meat-free choices, offering 40 vegetarian products and 11 vegan ones, just in time for spring.

Available from SOHO Coffee Co. The Brewery Quarter, you can now get your hands on a wide-range of flavour-punching, hunger-busting products, from sandwiches and salads to cakes and pastries, not to mention a new cold coffee range. These are available alongside the classic range of jam-packed sandwiches and salads of course, which we have all grown to know and love!

Alongside their range of bestsellers and beloved SOHO Classics, new products include rainbow-filled Khobez wraps, ‘eat-me, drink-me’ ultra-thick smoothie breakfast bowls, an awesome new salad collection and a hot sandwich range.

Pop in to SOHO to try the new range…
For more on the new range, please visit the SOHO website www.sohocoffee.com or tweet SOHO @SOHO_Coffee_Co.